Study: Trans students have caused 0 incidents in bathrooms nationwide

Schools with protections for Trans Students

From Media Matters: 17 School Districts Debunk Right-Wing Lies About Protections For Transgender Students Several States Have Adopted Non-Discrimination Laws To Protect Transgender Students. States across the country have adopted laws that prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation in public schools. [National Center for Transgender…

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Springfield, Missouri, Voters Repeal LGBT Rights Ordinance citing “Bathroom Predators”

It is terrible that the lives and dignity of trans people are being reduced to discussions about bathrooms and vicious accusations about pedophilia. We should not have to deal with this sort of degrading attack on our self-worth. However, this is an issue we need to refute head on with…

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Transphobia in Public Restrooms Made Into Law

Trans Bathroom Access

Several states in the United States and some parts of Canada have recently attempted to create legislation restricting how trans people can use public restrooms in schools and other public places. Lambda Legal: FAQ About Restrooms & What to Do If You’re Hassled Mother Jones has an excellent summary of…

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