Federal Jobs Programs have new guidelines to protect LGBT people

US Department of Labor

From the National Center for Transgender Equality: Jobs Programs Across the Country Get Guidance on LGBT Protections The Department of Labor (DOL) Employment and Training Administration issued a Training and Employment Guidance Letter last week to ensure that LGBT workers and students have equal access to the wide range of…

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Trans Men bring visibility in Israel for pride

Via transguys.com: Trans Men Call For Visibility At Tel Aviv Pride To highlight transgender visibility at 2014’s Tel Aviv Pride, Israeli trans man Daniel Brosh produced a lip-sync music video starring trans men. Tommy SimnTov, Dylan Sahar, Yonatan Marton, Mikey Alroy, Santiago Benjamin, Tal Schantcer, along with Brosh, participated in…

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Hawaii attempting to ease changes to gender markers on legal documents

Indiana is one of a handful of states that does not require gender-confirming surgeries to change your name and gender marker on various legal documents. Hawaii has now introduced legislation hoping to ease those restrictions for its residents as well. via the Seymour, Indiana Trib-Town – Hawaii bill to ease…

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Landmark EEOC Ruling: Workers Have Right to Restrooms Based on Identity

Tamara Lusardi

Via National Center for Transgender Equality: The New Landmark EEOC Ruling Explained: Workers Have Right to Restrooms Based on Identity In a landmark ruling reported last week, the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) ruled that employees have the right to equal access to workplace facilities that are consistent with…

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