Finding Spirit – Muncie

Finding Spirit = Supporting Proper Information, Resources and Inclusion for Trans People is a support group for trans and gender nonconforming individuals to gather and share resources and life experiences.   All ages welcome. Meetings are Tuesdays at 7:00pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Muncie; 4800 W. Bradford Dr.; Muncie,…

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Blogs on Trans Guys/Transmasculine Parenting

From The Art of Transliness: Blogs on Trans Guys/transmasculine Parenting Daddyhood Transcribed– A man of transsexual experience talks about the process of conceiving twins with his wife via artificial insemination with donor sperm.  Visibly Transparent– A trans, queer parent talks about raising a small person First Time, Second Time– “Thoughts…

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Gender Confirming Surgeries for Trans Men

cadeuses - male

Listed are some of the surgeries that may be medically necessary or desired for trans men and gender-diverse people assigned female at birth, and the medical codes that are used for billing surgeries. Insurance companies often need to know these medical codes to ensure that they cover these healthcare options, so in planning your own healthcare needs, this may be a handy resource.

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Trans Men bring visibility in Israel for pride

Via Trans Men Call For Visibility At Tel Aviv Pride To highlight transgender visibility at 2014’s Tel Aviv Pride, Israeli trans man Daniel Brosh produced a lip-sync music video starring trans men. Tommy SimnTov, Dylan Sahar, Yonatan Marton, Mikey Alroy, Santiago Benjamin, Tal Schantcer, along with Brosh, participated in…

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Trans-Masculine Voice Changes & Vocal Therapy

A list of resources about how testosterone changes your voice during transition, how it can affect your singing voice, and how you can lower your vocal range effectively. Also resources for trans-masculine-identified folks who may not opt to go on hormones but who want to deepen their voice. Testosterone and…

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CustomMed Apothecary – Indianapolis

CustomMed Apothecary

CustomMed Apothecary 6005 W. 71st St. Indianapolis, IN 46278 Ph. (317) 803-3436 Fax (317) 803-3437 Website Services – compounding testosterone and other medications. These medications require a valid prescription from your clinician. CustomMed Apothecary, LLC is Indianapolis’ first compounding-only pharmacy located at 6005 W. 71st St, Indianapolis, IN 46278 CustomMed…

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Bast, Dr. Catherine – M.D. – South Bend, Goshen

Health Care

map of all Medical Doctors Catherine Kreider Bast, MD Mosaic Health and Healing Arts 330 Lakeview Dr. Goshen IN 46528 Phone (574) 537-2680 Fax (855) 218-0912 Email Trans Related Services: Hormone Treatment, Adults; Puberty blockers, children & youth Other Care Services: Adolescent Medicine, Counseling, Family Practice, Holistic Medicine, Midwifery,…

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YouTube Transition Videos: trans male transitions

Aydian Dowling

There are a growing number of trans people who document their transition via video for their own understanding of the process. In the last several years, many have posted their videos on YouTube to help others understand the changes individuals see with hormone therapies and transition-related surgeries. Viewing videos before…

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