Transgender History: A Six Part Series on Bilerico

A six-part series on Transgender History presented by the Bilerico Project in 2008 by Mercedes Allen.

Transgender History: Trans Expression in Ancient Times

Transgender History: The Rise of Hatred (Middle Ages)

Transgender History: Into the Modern Age (1700s – 1932)

Transgender History: From Germany to Stonewall (1933 – 1968)

Transgender History: Stonewall and Its Fissures (1969 – 1995)

Transgender History: Toward the Future (1996 – 2007)

Written by Mercedes Allen:
Mercedes Allen is a professional graphic designer, writer and bisexual transsexual in a lesbian relationship. She has done advocacy related to Trans, LGB, Aboriginal issues, HIV, BDSM and sex work. Located in Southern Alberta, Canada, she started as a network to help foster and support trans communities within Alberta, as well as to provide information and training where requested. She is also a founding member of the Trans Equality Society of Alberta and blogs at

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