Trans-Masculine Voice Changes & Vocal Therapy

A list of resources about how testosterone changes your voice during transition, how it can affect your singing voice, and how you can lower your vocal range effectively. Also resources for trans-masculine-identified folks who may not opt to go on hormones but who want to deepen their voice.

Testosterone and the Trans Male Singing Voice – TransGuys
This 2009 TransGuys article on how testosterone changes voice is a must-read for trans men who are concerned about how their singing voice might change. It’s an in-depth look at the science behind vocal changes on testosterone, and provides lots of additional resources. One of the recommendations is a more gradual course of testosterone that builds over time to allow the voice to change gradually – immediately going on a high dose is hard on the vocal cords.

Patricia Chunn – Indianapolis
Patricia Chunn is a voice therapist in Indiana who has worked with trans clients.

The Changing Female-To-Male (FTM) Voice
Alexandros N. Constansis
A paper by a professional musician examining how testosterone affects the male voice. His conclusion is also that a gradual level of testosterone increase will preserve vocal quality as the voice deepens.

Voice Lowering Exercise Songs
by Nick B
Collection of songs aimed to help FTM / transmen naturally lower their voices pre-T. It seems that songs which contain long, low words in combination with ‘normal’ periods of singing have a good exercise/rest ratio. Also, some songs which contain a bit of falsetto seem to be good too, if only to scratch up your throat a bit. Sing LOUD, LOW, and LONG. Keep going until all the breath is gone on the long words.

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