Non-Binary Transition Workshop from Gender Odyssey

Non-Binary Transition Workshop

Presented by Micah from the blog Neutrois Nonsense

More and more people are identifying outside the binary, feeling their gender does not fit into a male or female box. For these folks, as well as for the professionals supporting them, questions surrounding transition are often left unanswered.

What does a non-standard transition route look like?
Is this quickly becoming the norm?
Does it even exist?

This workshop will explore the myriad options people have, covering social, medical, and legal transition needs. It includes busting myths and clarifying misconceptions, outlining alternatives and loopholes, and developing strategies for empowering you and your clients in their transgender journey.


Part 1: What is Gender?

Part 2: What is Transition?

Part 3: Social, Medical, Legal Transition

Bonus: Questions from Providers

Slides from the presentation

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