I think I might be trans. Now what?

First – congratulations for being self-aware and thinking about gender in new ways.

Here are some things to get you started understanding yourself:

  • Coming Out and Socially Transitioning for Trans People (Downloadable PDF file)
    Transitioning is the active process of changing your gender expression to better reflect your gender identity, getting your gender legally recognized and protected, and/or going through gender-related body modification. In this booklet, transitioning is broken down into social, legal, and physical components.
  • Other educational resources: See our Trans 101 page for lots of articles and information, including links to transition journey videos on YouTube, articles on how hormones will affect you and more.
  • Why do I need a therapist?
    • If you are planning to engage in medical transition, you will need a referral from a therapist to access hormones, especially if you are expecting insurance to pay for that care.
    • You will need to understand the physical changes you may undergo, and how you might feel about those changes as they take place. Therapists with experience in transgender issues are good sounding boards.
    • We live in a society that isn’t very enlightened about gender and, you will need to navigate a hostile society. Technically, they’re the ones that need therapy, but unfortunately, you will still need to cope.
  • Finding a Therapist: See our list of therapists in Indiana, or view them on a map to find one near you.
  • Finding a Endocrinologist or Hormone prescriber: See our list of doctors in Indiana, or view them on a map to find one near you.
  • Finding a gender-confirming surgeon: See our list of doctors in Indiana, or view them on a map to find one near you.
  • Changing Name and Gender Markers: See our guide to changing your name and gender markers in Indiana. If you find you need legal help to change your name or gender marker, or other legal adviceThis is a list of legal advocates who have experience working on transgender issues.

There are lots more resources on this site, including lists of support groups in your area, news and other event information. You can also search for more info, or contact us.

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