Decoding the letters after a health provider’s name

This post is courtesy of Skye Ashton Brown, Trans Lafayette/Pride Lafayette

Doctor of Dental Medicine, indicates that the doctor is certified to work as a dentist.

Doctor of Osteopathy, a degree similar to an MD which allows someone to become a practicing doctor

Doctor of Physical Therapy degree holder

Fellowship of American Academy of Pediatrics, which specializes a doctor to work with minors and children.

Fellow of the American College of Endocrinology

Fellow of the American College of Surgeons

Family Nurse Practitioner certified by the Academic Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC)

Hospice Foundation of America, indicates the person has had training at the Hospice Foundation of America for end-of-life care and elder care.

Health Service Provider in Psychology, all practicing psychologists are required to have completed this certification before working.

Juris Doctor, the first professional degree someone can get on their way to being a lawyer or studying law.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, this certifies someone to work with people to better their mental health

Licensed Clinical Addiction Counselor, this shows that someone has a background in working with people in recovery from addiction.

Licensed Family and Marriage Therapist, this shows that someone has a background in working with people in the context of family and relationship issues.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, this certifies someone to work with people to better mental health

Licensed Massage Therapist, this certifies someone to perform medically effective massage as a form of therapy

The Master of Divinity is an advanced professional degree for those in the practice of ministry. The MDiv is a common academic degree in theological seminaries; this degree is a standard prerequisite for ordination to priesthood or pastorship or other such appointments.

Masters in Science of Nursing is the highest degree a person can get in nursing

Nurse Practitioner is someone with a broad range of knowledge about health and health management, disease, diagnosis, and treatment. They often go through a different process of education than doctors, but focus more on health care with patients.

Orthopedic Clinical Specialist is someone who holds an advanced degree that shows that they are qualified to work on the muscular and skeletal systems in physical therapy.

Philosophy Doctor, this is a graduate degree that can be focused towards almost any field

Physical Therapist is a doctor who specializes in non-surgical soft tissue recovery. They teach people exercises and stretches that help people recover from surgery or avoid surgery by strengthening ligaments and muscles.

Registered Nurse has gone through the appropriate training to qualify as a nurse.

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