Riley Gender Health Program

Riley Gender Health Program
Phone: 317-274-8812

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Riley Hospital for Children
705 Riley Hospital Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46202

The clinic is open every third Friday from 8am – 12pm
call to schedule an appointment!

The Gender Health Program offers comprehensive support to children, teens and young adults who have experienced gender dysphoria for longer than six months and who may or may not desire to become a different gender. We are the only gender health program in Indiana serving patients under age 21.

Members of our gender health team include adolescent medicine doctors, pediatricians, pediatric urologists, pediatric endocrinologists, psychologists and social workers. Each member of the team understands and supports our patients, serving their emotional, mental and physical health needs. We will respect the identity of your child and offer a safe space to find care.

We will create an individualized care plan to help your child feel safe, healthy and supported. We will assist your child as they make a decision about whether to transition into a different gender and will offer care for each stage of transition.

Our services include (but are not limited to):

Gender affirming hormone therapy
Treatment for menstrual suppression
Psychological counseling
Surgery consultation and coordination
Our social workers also help ensure that patients live in a safer environment and can find the community resources they need to live well.

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