IXE – Indianapolis

Email: ixe.insg1@yahoo.com
IXE meets on a monthly basis. Meeting times & Info

We are IXE (Iota Chi Sigma). We started in 1987 as a gender support group here in Indianapolis. We try to help gender conflicted persons in the context of a monthly social meeting. We welcome all gender conflicted persons, their family, spouses or SO’s excluding no one. This includes CD, TV, TS, TG, or those who don’t want a label or put themselves in a box.

IXE values helping our members to find out who they are. We work hard to provide a safe place for our members to bring their concerns and issues to share. We strive to create a community where all feel that they belong, where everyone is a winner, and where we celebrate all gains as victories for everyone, and where supporting hands are available whenever needed.

IXE offers a path toward exploration of gender identity issues. We value and honor human diversity. We want you to know that, regardless of where you are on the gender, sexual orientation, political, or any other spectrurn, you will find our meetings to be a place where you will feel safe and accepted.

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