Gender Nexus

Gender Nexus
1100 West 42nd Street, Suite 315
Indianapolis, IN 46208
Phone: (317) 650-5988
Website: GenderNexus

GenderNexus is bringing gender diverse people together across central Indiana to foster a community that is healthy, informed, and empowered by increasing access to care in all seven dimensions of wellness.

By providing a safe space for community engagement, GenderNexus can help the community navigate and eradicate social and systemic barriers.

We honor the individual journey and expression of each person in the gender galaxy and tailor our services to meet those needs.


Solutions-Focused Counseling
GenderNexus provides brief, solutions-­focused counseling, concentrating on present circumstances and goals with an emphasis on creating change in the quickest, most effective manner. You are treated as an individual, without judgment, moving you closer to a more fulfilling life.

Stage of Life (SOL) Groups: For those who identify as transgender, nonbinary, genderqueer, gender fluid, and anywhere else in the gender galaxy.
Youth Groups. These groups are a safe place where youth can discuss both internal concerns and the external day-to-day issues.

Adult Groups. These 8-week closed groups provide therapeutic space to delve into the complexities of gender identity and presentation at all stages within the gender journey.

Family Care Groups
Parent and Caregiver Group. Caring for a young person who identifies as gender diverse comes with unique challenges! This closed therapeutic support group will provide a safe space for you to explore the feelings that come along with your youth’s gender journey.

Sexual Health Services
In partnership with The Damien Center, we provide HIV and STI testing on site at no cost during posted testing hours. You can talk openly about your concerns so that we can ensure you’re linked to the right services for support.

Adolescent Health
In partnership with Riley Hospital Adolescent Gender Health Clinic, patient navigation and case management are provided to youth and families. These appointments can be scheduled directly by calling (317) 274-8812.

Recovery Support
This group can assist you in recovering from and coping with alcohol or drug abuse using a hybrid model that lets you choose either harm reduction or abstinence. The group will help to reinforce your gains in a community setting with other gender diverse folks who can share their experiences and provide mutual support.

Legal Consultation
While GenderNexus does not offer legal advice, we can help you navigate name and gender marker changes on government documents. For more complex legal issues with housing, employment, or insurance discrimination, we provide referrals to local attorneys who understand our community.

Referral Letters
A letter from a mental health provider for medical intervention is often required for hormones or surgery. GenderNexus can complete the required assessment and provide this letter free of charge.

Provider Referrals
We offer referrals to providers who have experience working with people in the gender diverse community.

Educational Workshops
Interviewing for a job? Need make-up instruction? Want binding, tucking, or prosthetic selection guidance? These and many other topics will be addressed in monthly workshops to take some of the mystery out of your gender journey.

Social Events
Whether it’s Friday Night Flicks, dancing, poetry, painting, or more, GenderNexus will host an array of events for youth, adults, and families to help you stay connected with the community. Watch the calendar or sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date!

Education and Advocacy
We understand that making all spaces gender-safe will require conversation. We offer seminars for businesses, nonprofits, and schools that are tailored to fit your audience, with the goal of presenting the issues affecting individuals who are gender diverse and promoting inclusion.

We advocate for equal rights and equal access for all people. GenderNexus maintains an active voice alongside and on behalf of the community.

Virtual Connect
Do you live outside of Central Indiana or lack transportation? You don’t have to be alone! We are building a virtual connection platform where services and materials can be accessed online. Stay tuned for progress!

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