YouTube Transition Videos: trans female transitions

There are a growing number of trans people who document their transition via video for their own understanding of the process. In the last several years, many have posted their videos on YouTube to help others understand the changes individuals see with hormone therapies and transition-related surgeries.

Viewing videos before you embark on medical changes is a great way to have an understanding of what might happen to you on your journey. Each individual is different, and seeing how folks handle changes and how they affect family and friends can be useful in thinking about how you might handle similar issues.

Kayla Ward
Kayla has been documenting her transition since December of 2010. She recently signed with a modeling agency in Dallas.

Sona Avedian
“I was born in 1982, in a boy’s body,” recalls Sona Avedian – a trans woman and former Marine who shared her personal story in Youtube videos. Sona’s story went viral with a Buzzfeed article documented her story.

A Girl for all seasons
A british woman who has been documenting her transition since 2012.

Christina Ashlee
DJ – Lover of Trance – Car Enthusiast – artist of sorts – Transwoman. And I enjoy good food and nice entertainment all with great company.

Jessica Tiffany
A 26 year old trans woman documenting her transition for the past 3 years on YouTube.

Keri has just begun her transition, but her 6 month video documentation is an inspiration, and hopefully she will continue to document her journey.

Zinnia Jones
Zinnia Jones is a self-proclaimed feminist, atheist and transgender activist. Since joining YouTube in 2008, Zinnia has become an instrumental voice in the transgender community on YouTube, where she holds discussions about transgender myths, religion, sex and politics. She recently appeared on CNN to give her thoughts on the Bradley Manning verdict, a topic she extensively covers on her blog Freethought Blogs. Though originally from Chicago, she now lives in Florida with her partner and their two children.

Grishno / Erin Armstrong
Erin Armstrong, better known as “Grishno” on YouTube, first started making YouTube videos in 2006 to document her six-year transition from male to female. She is one of the founding members of the YouTube transgender community and has used her YouTube success to better educate international audiences about the trans community. She is the subject of the documentary “My Transgender Life” and has also been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine and on the 2013 Trans 100 List.

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