YouTube Transition Videos: trans male transitions

There are a growing number of trans people who document their transition via video for their own understanding of the process. In the last several years, many have posted their videos on YouTube to help others understand the changes individuals see with hormone therapies and transition-related surgeries.

Viewing videos before you embark on medical changes is a great way to have an understanding of what might happen to you on your journey. Each individual is different, and seeing how folks handle changes and how they affect family and friends can be useful in thinking about how you might handle similar issues.

Electric Dade
Dade started his transition in November of 2011. He and his wife Tiffany have posted videos at regular intervals documenting his experiences with testosterone, transition-related surgeries, family life and having children.

Aydian Dowling
Aydian began his transition over six years ago. His YouTube channel, A Lions Fears, quickly became popular and to date, has nearly 200 videos, reaches over 11k followers, and has more than 1 million views. In 2011, Aydian was chosen as one of three LGBT persons to have their stories showcased on the Emmy Nominated It Gets Better Project on MTV. Aydian and his now wife, Jenilee, spoke of their soon to be wedding and the challenges transgendered couples face when planning to wed.

Aydian Dowling recently recreated Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine’s 2011 iconic pose for FTM Magazine to break the stigma of female-to-male body transition. The photo has gone viral around the world.

Aydian Dowling

Skylar Kergil
Skylar Kergil began his transition in 2009 when he was 17 and has been regularly documenting his life since then. One of YouTube’s most popular vloggers, he has a large following and now does speaking engagements about the trans experience.

Benton Sorenson
Benton is a young man from Canada who has been documenting his transition for a year as he goes to school for film studies.

I am a 65 year old trans guy. I am documented my transition and giving my thoughts on stuff trans (and perhaps a few other things here and there).

Closet Transgender
This young man has been documenting his transition for four years, including his coming out, and hesitancy about the process of taking hormones. He regularly interviews other trans people from the YouTube community and discusses how being trans affects interpersonal relationships.

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