Strohecker’s Specialty Pharmacy – Mail Order Pharmacy

Strohecker's Compounding Pharmacy
Strohecker’s Specialty Pharmacy
2855 SW Patton Road, Suite A
Portland Oregon 97201
Toll Free: (877) 252-9393
Local: (503) 222-4822
Website: Strohecker’s Pharmacy

Strohecker’s Specialty Pharmacy can compound medicine and has been a trusted provider to trans men, trans women and gender-diverse persons for many years. They do online and mail order delivery of many products.

UPDATE: Strohecker’s can no longe compound their own testosterone cream – they have to use pre-packaged cream and are therefore not as cost-effective.

These medications require a valid prescription from your clinician.

Bio Identical Hormone Replacement:

Testosterone Cypionate Injectable
Estradiol Valerate Injectable
Testosterone and Estrogen Topicals
Testosterone and Estrogen Orals

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