Federal Jobs Programs have new guidelines to protect LGBT people

From the National Center for Transgender Equality: Jobs Programs Across the Country Get Guidance on LGBT Protections

The Department of Labor (DOL) Employment and Training Administration issued a Training and Employment Guidance Letter last week to ensure that LGBT workers and students have equal access to the wide range of job programs funded by DOL, including American Job Centers, state workforce agencies, and many other programs. The letter explains that federal sex discrimination laws, as well as many state and local laws, protect LGBT people from employment discrimination, providing examples of prohibited discrimination, and suggesting ways to prevent, identify, and address discrimination.

National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) Director of Policy Harper Jean Tobin said of the letter: “Job centers and job programs across country can offer tremendous help to LGBT people, and especially trans people, who face particular barriers to employment because of bias. This guidance will help fulfill that promise. The Department of Labor has sent a clear message that gender policing and other forms of bias or exclusion are unacceptable in our nation’s workforce investment system.”

For more info, visit National Center for Transgender Equality’s Know Your Rights Employment resource

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