University of Indianapolis Psychological Services Center

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University of Indianapolis Psychological Services Center
Good Hall, Room 109
1400 East Hanna Avenue
Indianapolis, Indiana 46227
Phone (317) 788-3353
Toll-free (800) 232-8634


The Psychological Services Center offers comprehensive evaluation and therapy services to individuals, families, and organizations. The Center is located in Good Hall at the University of Indianapolis. Licensed clinical faculty, and advanced graduate students working under their supervision, provide services. The Psychological Services Center is a training and research facility associated with the University of Indianapolis. The Center offers evaluation and outpatient therapy services to both children and adults.

The Center operates on a sliding fee scale. Fees generated go to the operation of the Center. We do recognize that, in certain cases, payment of fees may represent a financial hardship, and we are willing to establish a mechanism for the receipt of services. The Center director will be happy to discuss options with you. The Center will also assist you in completing insurance forms.

Goals of the Center

  1. The Center provides psychological services to members of the community.
  2. The Center exposes graduate psychology students to current techniques in a community-oriented setting.
  3. The Center provides opportunities for professionals practicing in the community to obtain continuing education by providing educational programming.
  4. The Center provides opportunities for research by maintaining a clinical data base.
  5. The Center provides clinical faculty with an opportunity for practice that is located in the university setting.

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