Transgender Hoosiers and Sexual Assault Care

Statistics documenting transgender people’s experience of sexual violence indicate shockingly high levels of sexual abuse and assault. Transgender Hoosiers are all too often the targets os sexual assault, and we have heard a number of reports recently of Trans women being raped or assaulted. If you are a victim of rape or assault, there are resources you can draw on.

What to Do if You Are Sexually Assaulted
Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault has a guide of steps you can take to keep yourself safe and to ensure your mental and physical safety in the future.

Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault has a map of resources by county for those impacted by sexual violence. Many offer 24-hour crisis hotlines, as well as information on legal advocacy and community outreach. They are there to help. You are not alone.

More information about what resources provide:

A Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) is a registered nurse who has been specifically trained to provide comprehensive care to sexual violence victims. The SANE is trained to identify physical trauma, photograph and document injuries, collect and manage forensic samples/evidence, maintain the chain of custody, and provide necessary referrals. SANEs are trained in both the physical and emotional aspects of caring for victims of sexual assault. SANEs often collaborate with other disciplines in the community who provide unique services to sexual assault victims.

Victim advocates are professionals trained to support victims. By Indiana code, “victim advocate” means an individual employed or appointed by or who volunteers for a victim services provider victim which can include a sexual assault program, rape crisis center, domestic violence program, battered women’s shelter, transitional housing program for victims of domestic violence; or a program that has as one (1) of its primary purposes to provide services to an individual against whom an act of sexual assault, human and sexual trafficking domestic or family violence, dating violence, or stalking is committed.

The Center of Hope
Indiana has a number of hospitals with specialized programs within them called The Center of Hope. Centers of Hope are dedicated to caring for victims of sexual assault and family violence. These centers can provide services such as: Medical care, Prophylactic medication, forensic evidence collection, Injury documentation, Crisis intervention services, Follow-up medical care, Counseling services, Safety planning, Referrals for support groups.

Generally, all types of care provided through FNE’s are totally FREE (although the person would need to go through the emergency department to get to the sexual assault unit). Once in the sexual assault area, they person could have any evidence collected (if they wanted), law enforcement reported/called (if they wanted), an advocate present for all of their medical or law enforcement interactions, STI testing and care, medical care, counseling (free), etc.

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