Questions you should ask a potential therapist

Pencil and questionnaire

This is a list of questions that were developed by a member of the IndyBoyz Support Group to determine the level of “cultural competency” a therapist might have in working with trans people. Feel free to copy this and send it to potential therapists or doctors, or use the questions as a guide when interviewing your care providers. Remember, it’s your journey. You get to choose who accompanies you on it!

How long have you been a practicing therapist?

Do you have a degree or license to practice therapy?

What do you consider to be your area of expertise?

What is your hourly rate? How long are your session times?

Do you offer a “sliding fee scale?” If so, under what circumstances?

Are you a member of any Preferred Provider Network? If so, which?

Are you practices consistent with the WPATH Standards of Care (SOC) version 7?
Do you understand how they changed in 2011?

Have you ever counseled any transgender patients?

If so, how many? How many were assigned female at birth or assigned male at birth?

On average, how long were your transgender patients in a therapist-patient therapeutic relationship with you?

Have you ever diagnosed anyone with Gender Dysphoria? If yes, how many times?

Do you write referral letters to medical doctors who provide HRT?

Do you write referral letters to medical doctors who provide transition-related surgeries?

Do you consider yourself a qualified “clinical behavioral scientist” as that term is defined under the WPATH Standards of Care (SOC) version 7? If so, please state why you feel you are qualified.

What is your professional opinion of people who feel they are transgender? What is your personal opinion?

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