Kimberly Loney LMHC – Fort Wayne

Kimberly Loney LMHC
3262 Mallard Cove Lane,
Fort Wayne, Indiana, 46804
Phone: 260-418-2029


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Are you familiar with WPATH Standards of Care version 7?: Yes

Would you provide referral letters for hormone therapy?: Yes

Would you provide referral letters for surgeries?: Yes

Experience working with trans-identified persons? Assigned male at birth or Assigned female at birth?:

I have experience working with trans-identified persons, both assigned male and identifying female and assigned female identifying male.

Experience working with Trans Children or Youth: I have limited experience but do belong to a consult group in order to gain more information. (Gender-affirming Clinician’s Collaborative. It is network of providers that work with trans adolescents and youth in the Midwest. The group holds quarterly conference calls as a way to share information and talk about issues impacting clients.)

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