Kathy G. Slaughter, LCSW – Indianapolis

Kathy G. Slaughter, LCSW

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Soaring Heart Counseling
819 East 64th Street, Suite 242
Indianapolis, IN 46220
Email: kathy@soaringheartcounseling.com
Website: http://www.soaringheartcounseling.com

Are you familiar with WPATH Standards of Care version 7?: Yes
Have you provided referral letters for hormone therapy?: Yes
Have you provided referral letters for surgeries?: Yes

Experience working with trans-identified persons? Assigned male at birth or Assigned female at birth?:

Provided counseling services for depression, PTSD and interpersonal relationships, as well as assessing for recommendation letters. Worked with MtF, FtM, genderqueer, etc.

Experience working with Trans Children or Youth:

I’ve worked with trans* teenagers, youngest was 14.

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