James Chadwick Lyon, LCSW, CCH – Evansville

James Chadwick Lyon
Heart Centered Hypnotherapy for Change, LLC
4770 Covert Ave
Suite 217B
Evansville, IN 47714

Phone: 812-213-7314
Website: http://www.evansvillehypnosis.org

Are you familiar with WPATH Standards of Care version 7?: Yes

Have you provided referral letters for hormone therapy?: Yes

Have you provided referral letters for surgeries?: No

Experience working with trans-identified persons? Assigned male at birth or Assigned female at birth?: I have worked under a psychologist partnering with her to meet the assessment needs and standards of care for WPATH. After working for the agency for some time I went out on my own and have opened my own private practice. I have written “T-Letters” for hormone replacement therapy and provide ongoing support after hormones have started, addressed mental health needs present that needed to be resolved before starting HRT, and work closely with the prescribing physician to ensure that all the needs are managed and addressed.

Experience working with Trans Children or Youth: I have worked with youth and children presenting with Gender Dysphoria. However, I have not written any letters for blockers or HRT as generally the parents were not supportive at the time. I do provide on-going support in form of individual sessions, family sessions, and advocating for the children’s rights at schools in forms of letters, phone calls, etc.

Other Info or Comments: I am a fully Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist through The National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. I practice both traditional talk therapy and Hypnosis. Typically if someone presents with Gender Dysphoria and has some trauma related to the diagnosis, or other forms of trauma the hypnosis is a fast efficient manner to resolve those symptoms so that HRT can be recommended and started. The hypnosis is never used to address the dysphoria but rather other symptoms that may be keeping client from being able to start HRT.

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