Kane, Dr. Erica – PsyD, HSPP – New Castle

Dr. Erica Kane, PsyD, HSPP

Kane Loveridge Psychological Services LLC
2020 S. Memorial Dr., Suite I
New Castle, IN 47362
Phone: 765-465-3387
Email: drkane@kanepsychological.com
Website: http://www.kanepsychological.com

Familiar with WPATH SOC v.7?: Yes
Provides Referral Letters for HRT?: Yes
Provides Referral Letters for Surgeries?: Yes

Experience working with trans-identified persons?: I have worked with individuals who identify as trans since 2005. I am large supporter of the LGBT community, and consider myself to be a compassionate liaison to the community at large. Although I am a cisgendered woman, I became an advocate after meeting some of the most wonderful women on earth who are trans. I have done many evaluations required prior to surgery. I have also worked with trans children and their parents.

Dr. Benjamin Loveridge, MD is a colleague in Dr. Kane’s practice that prescribes Hormone Replacement Therapy for trans patients.

He does not accept insurance but does accept HSA accounts & cash payments.

Regarding Transgender Children:

We do counseling through Dr. Kane and blockers through Dr. Loveridge for minors in Tanner Stage 2.

Counseling (Dr. Kane):
The youngest patient they have seen is 4. Most patients are between 8 and 12.

“The psychological evaluation is more stringent for minors unless they’ve been in counseling elsewhere. If they’ve never been in therapy I require at least 1 family and 2 individual sessions with me in addition to the actual HRT evaluation. This applies to children less than 16 yrs old. I do accept insurance for the therapy sessions if they are covered under a plan I accept. The HS/HRT eval cannot be billed to insurance since they rarely for pay it.”

Hormone Blockers or Hormone Replacement Therapy (Dr. Loveridge):
For kids in Tanner Stage 2 (regardless of age) to be referred to Dr. Loveridge they need to meet all puberty criteria for that stage. Currently his youngest HS/HRT patient is 15, but he will treat any age who meets approval – psychological approval and no medical issues that are contraindicated for hormone therapy.

When Dr. Loveridge sees them, both parents have to be present. If there is a sole custody order, or the other parent is deceased we need proof of that. The reason is that if one parent approves and the other doesn’t and we rx hormones, we will be liable if the uninformed parent chooses to sue. If there is a sole custody order or the other parent is deceased, I like to see one other supportive adult. My recommendation letters always state that the child should be in ongoing therapy during all stages of transition. Dr. Loveridge does not bill insurance for his services, but patients can use out-of-network benefits, HSAs, or flex accounts.

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