Blogs on Trans Guys/Transmasculine Parenting

From The Art of Transliness: Blogs on Trans Guys/transmasculine Parenting

Daddyhood Transcribed– A man of transsexual experience talks about the process of conceiving twins with his wife via artificial insemination with donor sperm. 

Visibly Transparent– A trans, queer parent talks about raising a small person

First Time, Second Time– “Thoughts on relationships, roles, taking turns, gender, and parenting from a queer family” 

Trans Man Dad– “Musings of a mid-twenties father who happens to suffer from transsexualism”

FTM Dad– A genderqueer trans man figures out fatherhood. 

DayDaddyNightDaddy– Two dads blog about about their daughter and their family. One of the dads is trans and carried their child. 

Milk Junkies– A trans man who gave birth to his child talks about being a breastfeeding dad (among other things)

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