Indiana Transgender Wellness Alliance (ITWA)

Indiana Transgender Wellness Alliance

The ITWA is an alliance of public and private partners who recognize the need to advocate and educate regarding the challenges many trans-identifying persons and their families experience on the path to wellness.


Jacqueline Patterson
Executive Director
PH (317) 727-1839

Working with Health-Care Providers

ITWA’s mission is to improve access to wellness resources, and help service providers better understand the health care needs of transgender and gender-diverse people.

The conference brings together mental and physical health care providers from around the state to learn and educate each other on current standards of care for trans and gender-diverse Hoosiers, with nationally recognized individuals from health care fields speaking and leading discussion.

Workplace Inclusion

Making the decision to undergo gender transition can have profound implications on one’s livelihood, and few employers are equipped to respond supportively, compassionately, and competently.

A positive sign is that the 2014 Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index shows that over 300 US-based companies now offer transgender-inclusive healthcare benefits. Best practice approaches to facilitating gender transition in the workplace exist, but are not readily accessible to the majority of HR professionals and others in the business community who would participate in the process.

We have within our network a team of experienced professionals who have participated in this process, representing the employer, the employee, and service provider roles.

Drawing on a model developed by the Boeing Corporation, and in conjunction with nationally-recognized experts like Lori Fox, we love to share our expertise when it leads to assuring the dignity and safety of everyone involved.

If you represent an employer or other organization who needs to better understand this critical process, contact us today.

The ITWA is committed to helping employers across Indiana establish transgender-inclusive policies, programs and workplaces.

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