Steady MD Online Primary Care for the LGBTQ Community

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Dr. Katie Bast is a board certified family physician and is a 2016 graduate of the Memorial Family Medicine Residency program at Memorial Hospital in South Bend Indiana. She co-founded a medical practice in Indiana that is openly welcoming to the LGBTQ community. Katie did her medical training at Indiana University School of Medicine. She is a member of the GLMA (Gay and Lesbian Medical Association) and WPATH (World Professional Association for Trans Health).

Katie came to medicine later in life having had three children, taught childbirth classes, trained as a doula and then as a midwife. While in medical school she began to understand herself more clearly and embarked on her own coming out process during which she developed an interest in LGBTQ health. Soon thereafter, she was approached by a former midwife client and asked to be the physician for a transgender child and discovered a love for taking care of gender nonconforming people. She has experience in managing hormone replacement therapy, pubertal suppression, PrEP, HIV care as well as general health issues.

Since we only accept a limited number of patients, you’ll get dedicated personal attention without the hassles of a traditional doctor’s office. You’ll be able to securely text your SteadyMD doctor for a quick answer or have more in-depth conversations over the phone or video chat. Welcome to true preventative care tailored individually for you by a doctor who understands your life.

How Much Will This Cost?
SteadyMD is $99 per month for a twelve-month membership. There are no additional fees or co-pays.

There is no risk and no long-term commitment required to get started. You may cancel anytime within the first month and you will only be billed for that one month.

This gives you the opportunity to have your first appointment with your SteadyMD doctor, get comfortable with them, and ensure that they are a good fit for you.

All memberships include unlimited text messaging, same-day phone call appointments, and same-day video chat appointments.

Why An Annual Membership?
The annual membership allows our doctors to serve a limited number of patients and have significantly more time to dedicate to each patient. Our doctors have more time to think about you and develop a personal relationship with you.

Will My Health Insurance Pay The Membership Fee?
No. Insurance companies don’t yet reimburse for this type of service. Plus, I really like the idea of having a more direct economic relationship between you, the patient, and me, the doctor, without all of the typical complications.

Does This Replace My Health Insurance?
No. You’ll still want to keep your health insurance (for seeing specialists, for catastrophic events, for labs, etc.). I may refer you, if needed, to get lab tests done or to a specialist in your area to be seen in-person. You would want to run that visit through your insurance.

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