2015-05-12 – Indiana Transgender Network Three Month Site Stats

We launched Indiana Transgender Network on February 25, 2015 after a month or so of planning and networking in the LGBT community in Indiana. We’ve been live for almost three months. Here’s a look at a few of our stats:

Since February 25 we have:

  • Published 187 resource items or news articles
  • Published 32 events including some that are ongoing
  • have 13 people who subscribe to all our posts via email (sign up is in the footer on every page)
  • published 1,538 tweets on twitter and acquired 225 followers
  • made 178 posts on tumblr and acquired 27 followers
  • We have 333 ‘likes’ on Facebook
  • had visitors to our site from 41 countries
  • Visitor map May 2015

    Most of our site visitors are from search engines, followed by social media and direct links.

    Visitor channels May 2015

    Our most-visited pages are the resource categories for counseling and Hormone treatment doctors, followed by maps and the pages that link to FTM and MTF YouTube Transition video channels. Our guide to changing your legal name and gender markers in Indiana is one of our most widely shared. On tumblr, our most-shared post was the link to Trans 101: For Significant Others, Partners, Friends, Family, and Allies (SOFFAs) of Trans People

    Most visited Pages May 2015

    We’d like to thank all of you for visiting, sharing our posts with the world, sharing resources with us, and generally being really cool, fun people to network with. If you have info you’d like to share about something your org is doing, a cool resource you’ve found or just questions for us, contact us here.

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