Trans man Aydian Dowling leading Men’s Fitness cover model competition

Aydian Dowling

Men’s Fitness magazine’s search for the “Ultimate Guy” to be a cover model is going viral with a happy new twist – trans man and YouTube video star Aydian Dowling is the leading contender in the contest. Dowling documented his transition in a series of YouTube videos over several years and has become an outspoken advocate for trans issues and one of the most visible trans men in the U.S. A few months ago, Dowling was the center of a viral storm when he recreated a famous Adam Levine photo for the cover of FTM Magazine.

Aydian Dowling

Currently, Dowling is in the lead for the popular vote on the Men’s Fitness contest. Whether he will be the ultimate winner is up to a panel of judges, but his highly-visible campaign is bringing new awareness of trans men’s issues to light.

Dowling also runs a trans clothing company (Point 5cc) that helps sponsor transition-related surgeries.

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