Springfield, Missouri, Voters Repeal LGBT Rights Ordinance citing “Bathroom Predators”

It is terrible that the lives and dignity of trans people are being reduced to discussions about bathrooms and vicious accusations about pedophilia. We should not have to deal with this sort of degrading attack on our self-worth. However, this is an issue we need to refute head on with statistics, common sense and personal appeals, because all signs indicate that these sorts of false narratives are the new wave of legal targeting of transgender people, and that Indiana may be dealing with it’s own “bathroom bill” soon. It’s an argument that Advance America’s Eric Miller made on the floor of the Indiana Senate just a few days ago.

According to Buzzfeed: Springfield, Missouri, Voters Repeal LGBT Rights Ordinance

After the city council approved an ordinance in October that banned discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, voters on Tuesday approved a referendum to repeal it.

Voters have narrowly repealed an LGBT-rights law in Springfield, Missouri, according to ballot results Tuesday night.

With all precincts reporting, the Greene County Clerk shows Question 1 passing 51.43% to 48.57%.
“We are very disappointed that we didn’t have the exact outcome that we wanted, but we are encouraged that the vote was so very close,” Crystal Clinkenbeard, a spokeswoman for the LGBT-rights campaign No Repeal, told BuzzFeed News.

The vote comes after a fierce clash between LGBT advocates and religious conservatives, who invoked campaign themes of Christian-owned businesses forced to sell products for gay weddings and cross-dressing predators lurking in women’s restrooms.

The Yes on Question 1 campaign complained that under the nondiscrimination law, “as a business owner you have no right to refuse service based on your conscience and personal convictions.”

The campaign also warned that LGBT rights gave sexual predators a free pass in public facilities.

“With the addition of gender identity, it gives anyone claiming to be transgender the right to choose which public locker room, dressing room, bathroom, or other previously gender specific area they wish to use,” the campaign said. “This new, special privilege opens a door for sexual predators to claim being transgender in order to access these private areas.”

The group published a video of religious leaders making the restroom case on YouTube.

Those arguments ultimately trumped the campaign attempting to uphold the law.

“The bathrooms are difficult because they hit people on such an emotional level,” Clinkenbeard said.

The repeal campaign had organized in dozens of churches this past weekend, but she said she was proud that many Christian leaders publicly supported the LGBT campaign too.

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