Weekly headlines 2015-09-22


A collection of trending news stories we shared in social media in the past week.

Inside of Our Hearts

The New “Stonewall” Film Treats Trans People Like Inspirational Sidekicks

‘Stonewall’ fails to give the gay rights watershed the stirring film it deserves

TIFF Review: Roland Emmerich’s Gay Rights Drama ‘Stonewall’

‘Stonewall’: TIFF Review

Toronto Film Review: ‘Stonewall’

How the White- and Cis-Washing of the Stonewall Movie Hurts Trans People of Color

TIFF Review: Roland Emmerich’s Gay Rights Drama ‘Stonewall’

Best Emmys moment for streaming TV was push for transgender equality

why we shouldn’t forget the trans pioneers who paved the way for caitlyn and laverne

Once a Pariah, Now a Judge: The Early Transgender Journey of Phyllis Frye

Groups Demand Release for Trans Detainee in Failing Health

67th Emmys: ‘Transparent’ winners support trans equality from the stage

Congress Set to Introduce Groundbreaking Criminal Justice Reform Bills

NEW POLL: Number of Americans who report knowing a transgender person doubles

Interview with Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi

Documentary project (America in Transition) aims to tell stories of the underrepresented

Op-ed: The Black Gay Trans Man at Minneapolis City Hall

Diary of a Transgender Woman: Question about the science of why people are transgender
This is a great post from Kaydee about what the current science is on how trans folks come about, in response to a question on her blog.

Can we please stop calling for a single, “standard” non-binary pronoun?

Why Doesn’t Fox News Host Transgender Guests?

This Group Of Badass Women Just Killed The Menswear Game

Stop Shaming Partners of Trans People

Sex isn’t chromosomes: the story of a century of misconceptions about X & Y

Freedom Indiana faces tough challenge over LGBT rights

Transphobia in the Midwifery Community

Facebook post on Street harassment from Dark Matter:

Today was a hard day. I was street harassed and ridiculed by men, women, and children just for simply existing in public. And I’m sitting at home feeling awful and doing what I always do when I feel disposable: writing.

Portraits Of Transgender Children Reveal “The Person They Feel They Really Are”

Transgender model: Men’s Health cover should show a ‘different version of a man’

6 Transgender People Share What They Would Wear in a World Without Judgment

Transgender Service Members

‘They wanted this to be quiet’: A transgender inmate in the Dane County Jail is suing over her treatment

Meet six-year-old twin brother who is now a twin sister – and one of Britain’s youngest transgender children

Bathroom Discrimination at School: Kyle’s Story


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