Transgender Indiana Legislative Meet and Greets w Freedom Indiana

Freedom IN Community Meetings

Freedom Indiana is reaching out to the transgender community and seek your participation in the Legislative Meet and Greet sessions they are planning throughout the state.

Sponsored by Freedom Indiana

  • Training Session on speaking about Transgender Issues
  • Legislative Meet and Greet Sessions – North, South & Central Indiana

First Central Indiana Meeting – October 12th
Contact Freedom Indiana for more info:

Chris Paulsen, Freedom Indiana Campaign Manager

Fort Wayne Community Meeting w @freedom_indiana 6PM, Monday October 19th

Lafayette Community Meeting w @freedom_indiana 6PM, Thursday October 15th.

Evansville Community Meeting w @freedom_indiana 3PM, Sunday October 11th.

This year in our Indiana legislative session our legislators will be voting on a motion to add Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation to the language in the Indiana Civil Rights law.

Freedom Indiana was instrumental in the 2014 efforts to append the RFRA legislation. The new Campaign Manager of Freedom Indiana, Chris Paulsen, has been benchmarking other states who have been successful in efforts to add Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation to their Civil Rights laws. Utah credits its success on the language additions primarily because they conducted events where legislators had the opportunity to personally meet and hear the issues that gender-nonconforming and transgender persons face.

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