Trans Hoosiers Speak: Letter from Chris to the State Legislature

Chris shares her thoughts about living in Indiana and the recent legislation on her blog: Transgender Hoosiers Are Not Second Class: An Open Letter to the Indiana Legislature

To Mike Pence and the Indiana Legislature:

I am a transgender Hoosier, and I am afraid. I am writing to you for your help.

I was born in Anderson in 1968, I went to high school in Lafayette, I graduated with an engineering degree from Purdue in 1990. I’ve lived, worked, owned homes, and paid taxes in Indiana for decades. I work for Indiana University as an IT specialist providing massive data storage to researchers.

I’ve been married for for almost 12 years, and I’ve helped raise a wonderful stepdaughter, who attends IUPUI. My family lives in Indiana, we have roots here.

I am part of this state.

I don’t deserve second-class treatment.

But that’s just what many bills up for vote are trying to do.

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