Trans Hoosier Stories: Jacqueline Patterson, Korvin Bothwell, Drake Eilert

From the Indy Star: Transgender Hoosiers transition to new lives

Coming out as transgender can alienate a person from family and friends. Studies show that about 20 percent of transgender people have been discriminated against when searching for a place to live. About 11 percent have been evicted because of their gender identity. A 2011 study of almost 6,500 transgender people found that almost a third had experienced harassment at the hands of the police.

These statistics, along with the lack of acceptance in some quarters, has led lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender advocates to view transgender rights as the next battleground after same-sex marriage.

The Indianapolis Star recently sat down with three members of the transgender community to share their stories — stories as varied as the community itself.

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Jacqueline Patterson transitioned to a woman in her 50s. She talks about her emotional, physical and spiritual journey.

Korvin Bothwell, co-founder of Vital Skates, a roller derby themed store in Fountain Square, is a member of a local men’s league, after transitioning and leaving the Naptown Roller Girls in 2012, Indianapolis. (Robert Scheer / The Star)

Drake Eilert talks about defining himself as a transgender man.

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