Parents of Trans Hoosiers Speak: Robin’s Story

Danville, Indiana

Back in June, my 20 year old son told me he was transgender. She has started hormone therapy with her goal being to eventually have reassignment surgery. Personally I never gave much thought about restrooms. If you had to go you went. Until my child broke the news. During New Years we traveled to Disney World for vacation. In Indiana, she used the family restrooms at the airport. While at the parks she refused to go to the restroom because she felt uncomfortable going into the men’s and was unsure of the reaction if she went into the girls. My young adult would not go to the restroom for hours, even though I encouraged her to do so. On our way home at Orlando airport there weren’t any family restrooms after check in. And once again she waited for hours to go. It’s sad that a person feels uncomfortable meeting a basic need when away from home.

— Robin

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