Indiana House rejects all amendments to RFRA “license to discriminate” bill

Indiana House Vote on RFRA Amendments

This morning the Indiana House of Representatives rejected all 4 amendments proposed to SB 101 the ‘RFRA’ bill that would open the door to allowing Hoosiers to discriminate against LGBT citizens under the guise of “religious freedom.”

The amendments were intended to protect child safety (religious-owned daycare businesses in Indiana have opposed being required to follow basic child safety laws in the past, saying that it violated their religious freedom, with some terrible results.) To protect LBGT citizens from discrimination, and to make clear that the law does not advocate businesses be treated like persons.

Although the authors of the bill claim that the bill isn’t about discrimination, the folks outside the chamber supporting the bill missed the memo on the correct talking points, because we shot this video of a supporter advocating that gays find a different doctor if theirs had a religious objection to treating them:

As Freedom Indiana points out:

Today on the House floor, supporters of RFRA made no effort to hide what this misguided bill is really about: Discrimination under the guise of religious beliefs.

Proponents of SB 101 rejected amendments clarifying the most troubling parts of this harmful bill:

  • They voted against clarifying protections for Indiana children.
  • They defeated attempts to protect existing civil rights laws—including laws in 12 municipalities protecting LGBT Hoosiers from discrimination.
  • They affirmed that businesses should have a “license to discriminate” using their religious beliefs as they see fit.

Contact your legislator right now and ask them to reject this harmful bill, which would open the door to discrimination in Indiana and could have harmful impacts on child welfare, civil rights and our economy.

The bill will return to the Indiana House for a third reading. That is likely to take place on Monday. Follow Freedom Indiana via email, twitter or Facebook to find out further details.

Reject RFRA!

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